Maryland Tercentenary Stamp

US Postage Stamps: 1934

Maryland Tercentenary Stamp

This stamp was issued on March 23, 1934 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Maryland’s first colony in 1634 by the second Lord Baltimore and 200 settlers.  A charter had been granted to the first Lord Baltimore in 1632 to establish the colony.  One of the primary reasons that Lord Baltimore founded Maryland was to allow religious freedoms for Catholics.  However, the colony was not named for the Virgin Mary, but for the wife of King Charles I, Henrietta Maria.

Originally, Maryland included parts of Pennsylvania and Delaware due to confusing and conflicting royal land grants.  By 1736 border disputes between Maryland and Pennsylvania led to open hostilities (although minor skirmishes had taken place in the early 1730s).  These disputes became known as “Cresap’s War”, a somewhat minor “war” that saw mainly fist fights and minor raids, although there was one fatality.  Hostilities ended in 1637 when King George II demanded that the conflict cease.  A provisional border was created and less violent disagreements continued until 1767 when Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon developed the permanent border known as the Mason-Dixon Line.

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